About Us

How we work

In our Coaching Services, we work with a variety of ways to help you achieve personal success. Our confidence in our process is so strong that we also offer to teach our quickest and most effective strategies and techniques to you in our Workshops.

Our focus is to help you harness the power of your MindSet. Mindsets are collections of related mental/emotional habits found in normal and subconscious thought processes, and they have a strong influence on how you achieve goals.

Our process includes a variety of strategies and techniques which we tailor to meet the needs of your situation. A common strategy we use is MindSet TrainingMST, the process of shifting and focusing mindsets to increase your ability to obtain prosperity, career and relationship goals. A common technique we use in coaching as well as teach in-depth in our Workshops is Spiritual Response Technique, an advanced pendulum based process used to quickly identify, remove, and replace old detrimental mindsets with new strategies for success. This technique helps you align conscious and subconscious mindsets with your intentions. Other techniques include Emotional Release Therapy, Reiki, and more.


Our Background

Life Solutions has been transforming and advancing individuals towards achievement since it was founded by Shakti Wilson in 1991.

Shakti Wilson is a Certified Teacher and Minister of SRT (Spiritual Response Technique), a Certified Emotional Release Therapist, a Consultant, a Reiki Therapist and holds a B.A. in Sociology. Her background also includes studies in life coaching, meditation and metaphysics. Through private consultations and workshops, Shakti coaches individuals to recognize their own potential and achieve their life goals.