What is SRT?

What does SRT do?

Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) is a technique used to quickly identify, understand and change mindsets (recurring thought patterns) found in your normal and subconscious psyche.

The focus is to find mindsets that have a negative impact on your ability to achieve goals, understand their historical origins, and then replace them with supportive patterns.

How does SRT work?

The process involves the use of a pendulum along with printed charts used to interpret the pendulum's movements in response to a specific question.

What is the difference between taking a do-it-yourself SRT training, and having an SRT consultation with Shakti?

Taking our SRT training teaches you how to do SRT clearings yourself, anytime you like. You’ll be able to identify the key pieces of information from your subconscious psyche, and then clear them, all on your own.

In a consultation with Shakti, you will benefit from working with someone who has over 30 years of experience in this field. Shakti will do the SRT clearing for you, interpret the information that was discovered, and suggest unique protocols to help you create permanent changes. These extra interpretations and protocols are not available in the do-it-yourself SRT trainings, as they are custom-built for each individual.

After a consultation, do I have to do anything?

SRT identifies old behavior and mindset patterns, and does a clearing on the subconscious belief patterns. However, you can get the more out of the session by taking actions that make the changes permanent. You will get much more benefits in the long term if the changes become permanent, so it is highly encouraged to take the recommended actions post-consultation. You will get specific instructions on how to do this, but in the end it’s your choice.

Where do SRT practitioners get the information from?

This is where SRT requires clients and practitioners to be open to the idea that intuition is a source of additional information beyond the conscious mind. Although anecdotal evidence in non-western cultures over many years supports the claim that intuition is an information source, western culture is just now beginning to accept and learn more about it. Modern science is still in the early stages of measuring the characteristics and capabilities of intuition.