Are you tired of relying on others for therapy?

Would you like to quickly identify your own issues?

What if you had a method to help you deal with a challenge at any time of the day?

SRT BasicLearn SRT, a powerful and in-depth technique allowing you to identify and change what is blocking your success.

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The SRT Basic class absolutely astounded me. I have done healing and energy work for over 10 years and this method is hands down the fastest, most effective technique for healing. I believe it’s so effective because the research aspect helps to accurately pinpoint the core misbelief while most methodologies deal with outer layers of dysfunction, often taking years to clear something. It’s incredible.
Bella Shing, California

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Even though I have experienced SRT as a client, feeling the power of the work through my role as a practitioner was far beyond my expectations. Shakti is an amazing teacher who makes it easy and fun to learn this powerful and liberating skill. I'm already looking forward to taking the SRT Advanced Course. Shakti- YOU ROCK! I will recommend this course to many other people.
Drew Freeman, California

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SRT is the fastest and most effective method I have experienced. Through SRT training and consultation, I now feel very peaceful in a relationship that was based in conflict.
Barbara, Virginia

SRT Basic SRT Basic Workshop

In this 3-Day Workshop you will learn to:

Check Mark Identify and remove what is holding you back from prosperity, relationship and career success.

Check Mark Instantly access any limiting mindset and remove it quickly.

Check Mark Understand how mindsets and past life information will help you succeed.

Check Mark Discover what positive beliefs will uniquely serve you best.

Check Mark SRT creates a solid connection to your Higher Self

You will receive:

SRT ChartA Starter Set of SRT Pendulum Charts; including
9 charts for past and present life research

Freedom PathA Textbook, ”Freedom Path” by Robert Detzler explaining the foundations of the SRT technique.

What is SRT?

Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) is a technique used to quickly identify, understand and change mindsets (recurring thought patterns) found in your normal and subconscious psyche. The focus is to find mindsets that have a negative impact on your ability to achieve goals, understand their historical origins, and then replace them with supportive patterns. The process involves the use of a pendulum along with printed charts used to interpret the pendulum's movements in response to a specific question.

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Save up to $100,000 and years of training!

That is what it could take to learn the equivalent information to SRT by learning multiple other modalities such as acupuncture, EFT, NLP and hundreds of others. There is no other single method that gives the extensive information that SRT provides. With this method, you’ll have at your finger tips the power of this modality in days.

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SRT Basic

SRT Basic 3-Day Workshop

Bullet Learn to identify and remove what is holding you back
from prosperity, relationship and career success.
Bullet Learn to use SRT to help you attract the life you want.
Bullet Learn to identify and remove limited mindsets and beliefs.
Bullet Become proficient in SRT; an advanced pendulum
method used to access your subconscious.
Bullet Textbook and Starter Set of Charts included.

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$625.00 per person

I have healed myself

"Finally my personal blocks released and I have healed myself. I am living my dreams. [Life Solutions] has given me a new path on a joyous life."

Andrea, Idaho

I recommend this to anyone

"SRT is a valuable tool. Shakti is great. She has clear boundaries, gives clear instruction and maintains a professional yet comfortable environment in which to learn. I recommend this course to anyone."

Christine Schlenker, California